M.A.D. House Entertainment Ltd.
About Us

About Us

Founded by South Asian American filmmaker Mayank A. Deogaonkar, M.A.D. House Entertainment Limited is an up-and-coming film production company that focuses on all types of projects such as short films, feature films, music videos & much more! The company develops, produces and post-produces its own content under the creative direction of Mr. Deogaonkar.

Along with that, here at M.A.D. House Entertainment, we also aim to provide filmmakers pathways to turn their concepts into reality. Whether you are in the idea stage or have already completed filming, we are here to help.

We provide Development Services (on a project-by-project basis), including Screenplay Coverage, Writing Treatments, and more!

We also provide Post-Production services (on a project-by-project basis), with varying packages, which include Video Editing, Coloring, Basic Sound Design, and more!

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